Edited and illustrated by Eileen Budd and Max Cant


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We are excited to launch Ossian: Warrior Poet, by Scottish artist Eileen Budd. This new illustrated book brings the tales of Ossian to life through colourful artwork, maps, and new commentaries.

Fingal, a warrior chief-among-chiefs, travelled with his army of heroes across the ancient mountains, seas and forests of third-century Alba. When published in the late 1700s, Ossian’s dramatic tales had a huge influence on Romantic imaginations – despite controversy over their origins, they were celebrated by Napoleon, painted by Ingres and translated by Goethe.

Our new edition includes 12 full colour illustrations, 6 hand drawn maps, and new introductions and commentaries for each chapter. It’s for anyone interested in Scottish culture and history, ancient myths and sagas, and graphic illustration.

Available in hardback and paperback, plus there’s a range of awesome Ossian merch.

A superb and timely updating of a beloved classic which renders it so much more accessible to the new generations

Tom Ramage, The Ossian

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A growing collection of books by interesting, wild women.

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A range of postcards, prints and other printed merch.

Shore Line

Our Shore Line imprint is a growing collection of inspiring encounters with interesting, wild women. These books blend compelling storytelling with good advice forged from years of experience.

Keeping Hens: A Chatty Guide to Chickens
by Jane Furnival

All the stuff you need to know to keep happy, healthy hens at home. Jane’s hilarious and heartwarming stories of life with Winchester the cockerel and his hen-pecked retinue will entertain animal lovers and inspire anyone who is thinking about keeping chickens.

Paperback, 134 pages.

The Unschooled Life: One Family’s Home Education Adventure
by Lizi Gambell

An account of a real family’s discovery of unschooling and a journey away from the mainstream. With advice on methods of unschooling and deschooling, screen time and conscious praise.

Paperback, 144 pages.

Also available on kindle

Prints and artwork

Postcard Project: A micro-publishing endeavour, sharing incredible women illustrators from history.

Eleanor Vere Boyle postcard set

The first set presents EVB, a Scottish artist known for her highly detailed, intensely atmospheric images.

SneebsSnibbles: Comics, cards and prints by artist Jamie Kinroy.

Every comic and print is a window into an intricately imagined world of animistic sprites and medieval craftsmanship.

Fundraising books

We’ve raised thousands of pounds for various charities with our well-designed, thoughtful and high quality art books. Using crowdfunding and limited print runs, we keep costs under control and maximise donations to good causes.

We’d love to hear your ideas for new fundraising publishing projects. Work with us to develop, design and crowdfund, and make your idea a reality.

FELT is a collection of fifty hand needle-felted cactuses and succulents, made by textile artist Elise Goard during lockdown.

All profits from FELT are donated to SANDS, the stillbirth and neo-natal death society.

“The book itself is beautiful. Wide Open Sea have done a great job AND you raised money for such a worthwhile charity. You are amazing!”


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Established in 2019 by historian Alice Sage and artist Jamie Kinroy, Wide Open Sea collaborates on thoughtful books with passionate souls.

From our hillside cottage in the Lake District, we look out to the wide horizon of possibilities from crowdfunding and indie publishing.

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